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Ready.  Set.  Learn!

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” 
― C.S. Lewis
Lit'l Precious Ones Learning Center's Curriculum 




Lit'l Precious Ones Learning Center is a family-oriented center which commits to upholding integrity and progression. We instill in our students self-affirmation and academic excellence. We open the door to active learning within a Christian Academia atmosphere filled with hands on projects, field trips, and homework assignments. We motivate our students through individualized care, instruction, and inclusion. Please Note: with enrollment, an informational newsletter will be rendered informing each family of the required school items. It is our hope and goal that LPOLC will instill within each child the tools which ensures that each student will go forth and prosper in all they do.


Our Curriculum: LPOLC Curriculum utilizes the Christian Based program entitled "Abeka" and "Mother Goose."  You may find out more about both programs at the following websites: and


  • LPOLC Curriculum includes specialized age-appropriate objectives and planned activities that relate to a well-rounded pre-school education for students at every level of learning.

  • LPOLC Curriculum develops creativity/artistic skills, cognitive skills, social skills (to include linguistic skills), self-concept development, and motor skill development.

  • LPOLC Curriculum evaluates each student's progression on an ongoing basis during the school year.

  • LPOLC Curriculum encourages each student to display independence by allowing choices when appropriate and applicable.

  • LPOLC Curriculum balances both indoor/outdoor, quiet/active, individual/small group interactive activities.

  • LPOLC Curriculum has structured transition from each activity to encourage a peaceful and organized flow throughout the day.

  • LPOLC Curriculum requires that each student wear the assigned uniform, except on "dress down Friday." 

  • Lastly, LPOLC Curriculum asks that each Lit'l One be ready for a fun learning experience!!! 


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